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KT, Nokia launch Internet of Things lab

KT and Nokia said the lab will be a testing ground for IoT innovators

KT and Nokia said the lab will be a testing ground for IoT innovators

Korean telco KT, alongside Nokia Networks, has announced the launch of the country’s first dedicated lab for progressing the development of the internet of things, making good on its MoU pledge at MWC earlier this year, reports

Nokia Networks has slated the lab to be the bedrock of its targeted “Programmable World” project by utilising the convergence of IT and telecoms. It claims small and medium-sized IoT firms looking for advice, expertise and an environment in which to test new products and ideas will be able to make the best use of the lab.

The launch of the lab shows the progress being made in the IoT space, after KT and Nokia signed a memorandum of understanding to develop an IoT lab facility at Mobile World Congress in March. Andrew Cope, Nokia’s head of Korea, said LTE-M (the LTE network enabling M2M communications) is a key basis of the lab’s capabilities, and displayed his pleasure in having the lab ready so soon after the MoU announcement at MWC.

“Executing upon an agreement signed at MWC15, Nokia Networks and KT have taken another step forward on an exciting journey that will culminate in the creation of the ‘Programmable World’ in Korea and beyond,” he said. “After showcasing the world’s first LTE-M for interconnection of sensors, we have now created Korea’s first IoT lab – a solid-point of our commitment to standardise LTE-M and create a strong and sustainable ecosystem.”

Yun Kyoung-Lim, KT’s head of future convergence said the lab’s approach to collaboration in IoT is essential to its development and to seeing its potential realised.

“Together with Nokia Networks, we are leveraging upon the convergence of IT and Telecommunications to hasten our transformation into an ICT powerhouse,” he said. “Furthermore, this lab is a strong iteration of our vision to become the number one player in Korea’s IOT market. Our efforts are aimed at encouraging greater participation by domestic companies, which are a crucial factor in driving the change towards a creative IoT-based economy.”

KT, EnterpriseDB to offer OpenStack-based DBaaS

EnterpriseDB and KT are co-developing a postgres-based DBaaS

EnterpriseDB and KT are co-developing a postgres-based DBaaS

Postgres database specialist EnterpriseDB announced a partnership with the technology services subsidiary of incumbent Korean telco KT Corporation, KT DS, that will see the two jointly develop and offer a database-as-a-service offering deployed on OpenStack.

The offering will feature EDB’s database tech which is based on postgres, an open source object-relational database management system, and will be delivered via KT’s uCloud service.

KT, a longtime user of EDB’s postgres tech – the same database tech used by eBay and Facebook – said its engineers already contribute heavily to the open source project.

“Our long and successful partnership with EnterpriseDB with on-premises deployments in our own infrastructure made EDB’s Postgres Plus the obvious choice when we selected a cloud partner for our uCloud,” said Seunghye Sohn, senior vice president of KT DS.

Ed Boyajian, chief executive officer of EnterpriseDB said: “KT was a proving ground in Korea for Postgres Plus to power mission-critical, high-volume workloads. They are now leading enterprise and government users to the future with their uCloud and together we’re building on our years of partnership to play a role as cloud computing expands across Korea.”

KT is looking to bolster its cloud computing business among local incumbents looking to get a piece of the growing market, particularly the public sector segment. Earlier this year the Korean government passed the Act on Promotion of Cloud Computing and User Protection (colloquially known as the “Cloud Act”) designed to encourage public sector uptake of cloud services.