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Ipanema Technologies Updates Its Autonomic Networking System

Ipanema Technologies today released v7.1 of its Autonomic Networking System (ANS). This new release includes enhancements that improve application visibility, control, and performance, giving large enterprises, particularly those in the cloud, the ability to manage increased data volumes.

With ANS v7.1 using a new software architecture and faster Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Ipanema triples its high-end device performance (ip|e1800ax) reaching up to 20,000 new connections per second. This results in a throughput of 2Gbps alongside a classification system recognizing over 300 applications out of the box. Intelligent device clustering guarantees business application performance up to 10GBPS. As a result, companies are better placed to cope with the significant year-on-year traffic growth they are now experiencing.

Other additional ANS v7.1 enhancements include:

  • Cloud application performance report. The new Cloud
    Application Monitoring (CAM) report allows enterprises to understand
    and control the cloud applications usage and performance from the user
    perspective in the branch offices.
  • Virtual appliances (virtual|engine) that can be deployed as an
    alternative to hardware appliances in virtualized data centers and
    branch offices. ANS v7.1 enables hybrid deployments of physical and
    virtual devices that work together to measure control and optimize all
    application traffic across the enterprise.

For more information, visit:

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