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IceWEB Launches the IceWEB 6500

IceWEB, Inc. today announced the launch of the IceWEB 6500 Unified Data Storage appliances for cloud and virtual environments.

The IceWEB 6500 unified data system simplifies the management and efficiency of data center environments by providing all-inclusive storage for both block and file data across multiple protocols including Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and Oracle databases, virtualized environments as well as unstructured data such as scanned images, files, videos, pictures, graphics, and voice – on IceWEB’s single enterprise-class platform.

Rob Howe, IceWEB CEO said, “The IceWEB 6500 is far more than just an addition to our product lineup. It’s full-tilt clustered storage at eye-popping low prices. The IceWEB 6500 offers simplicity, scalability, flexibility and advanced Integration. While that may just sound like a list of features, and it is; it’s a list of highly advanced features found only in unified storage systems that cost orders of magnitude more than the IceWEB 6500. That translates into massive savings for our customers who desperately need professional-level solutions to solve their storage requirements while they deal with frozen or fast-shrinking budgets. So this is not just another new product from IceWEB; this is an astounding amount of value for our customers at a time when they really need it that makes good business sense.”


IceWEB Adding NovaStor Backup to Storage Appliances

IceWEB Inc., today announced they will bundle NovaSTOR’s Advanced Backup software with IceWEB’s Unified Storage Appliances.

“NovaSTOR is an excellent companion product for our IceWEB appliances because of its broad set of market applications,” said Rob Howe, IceWEB, CEO. “Their products span the same market spaces as ours—small, medium, large and cloud-based enterprises. They cover Windows, Linux, VMWare and Unix servers and clients in a myriad of configurations, mirroring our model. Because it is not always possible or cost-effective for companies to enable total unified storage protocols everywhere in their enterprise, we are providing significant additional value to our customers by enabling them to utilize NovaStor to target an IceWEB appliance in their network in order to satisfy their backup and disaster recovery needs for every location. Enabling them to have the ability to utilize a world-class product like NovaSTOR is yet another area in which IceWEB brings them excellent value when they purchase IceWEB products,” Howe concluded.

IceWEB Files Patent for IceSTORM Operating System

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IceWEB Inc. today announced that the Company has filed an application with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (Application #: 61714375) entitled “Single Management Pane for Unified Storage” to secure one of its most valuable assets, the IceSTORM Operating System.

“Our breakthrough ‘single pane of glass’ approach provided by all of IceWEB’s Unified Storage products is built upon our IceSTORM technology. Protecting this key intellectual property is a great step forward for our company,” said Rob Howe, CEO of IceWEB. “Our growing base of customers understands that IceSTORM makes our solutions more useful, more easily trained upon, and more quickly and easily expandable. That’s real core value.” Howe said.

IceWEB Launches Unified Storage Appliance Aimed at SMB Market

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IceWEB Inc. today launched the IceWEB 1000, a Unified Storage Appliance targeted primarily at the Small to Medium Business market. The IceWEB 1000 meets the ever-escalating storage needs of small-sized businesses whose data storage requires professional level solutions with complete protection and reliability.

The IceWEB 1000 comes with IceWEB’s unique automated setup application – the FindIceWeb plug and play utility, which enables a small business person to set up their IceWEB 1000 on their network in just a few minutes. With the benefit of the IceSTORM™ operating system providing all the management and application software capabilities needed to support cloud and virtual computing needs, any business that keeps electronic records is covered.

According to the Small Business Administration there were 27 million home-based businesses as of the end of 2011 and it is expected that 50%-60% employment going forward will be derived from this sector.

“The IceWEB 1000 is the first true unified storage product for small businesses, giving them a simple and painless way to garner professional level solutions for cloud and virtual storage needs. They need this level of storage for a whole host of reasons, but they have been intimidated by high prices and great complexity. We’ve solved both of those for them. For a free live demo, they can call us at 866-239-0470!” stated Rob Howe.

“This launch concurrently addresses the Company’s mission to grow our business by targeting untapped markets while we continue to forge ahead with our marketing strategies for our other product suites in the government, education, medical and commercial markets,” Howe concluded.