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What is Citrix Receiver and how does it work?

Citrix Receiver is a client software that is required to access applications and full desktops hosted on Citrix servers from a remote client device. This tool provides access to XenApp/XenDesktop installations from different types of client devices including iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac OS X, iPad, Windows, Linux, Windows Mobile, Android, Google Chromebook, thin clients, and embedded […]

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Citrix Web Interface Transformation to Citrix StoreFront

Citrix Web Interface Transformation to Citrix StoreFront Of the hundreds of virtualization products that Citrix put forward over the past 25 years, XenApp is certainly the most popular one. Whereas XenApp publishes session based applications to remote devices, XenDesktop publishes full VDI desktops. Bridging the link between XenApp applications and the desktops offered by XenDesktop, […]

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Stratodesk Unveils New Version of NoTouch Desktop

Stratodesk today announced the latest version of NoTouch Desktop, offering customers and resellers a versatile and easy to use endpoint VDI and cloud OS and client management solutions.

Stratodesk’s NoTouch Desktop allows businesses to simplify and unify their desktops. The PC and thin-client re-purposing and management solution consists of two-parts: the NoTouch Receiver OS, a thin OS that runs on PCs or Thin Clients and provides instant connectivity to all popular server-side technology and connection brokers, and the NoTouch Center, an innovative, browser-based client-management tool that gives system administrators the ability to manage and secure any and all PCs and OEM thin clients from one virtual management console. NoTouch Desktop is completely hardware, vendor and platform agnostic and has minimal hardware requirements.

The latest version of NoTouch Desktop inter alia includes:

  • Integration with the native Citrix VDI-in-a-Box Client to connect to a
    Citrix VDI-in-a-Box Server in three different ways (Citrix Receiver,
    Java Client, Web browser). NoTouch Desktop now enables users to
    repurpose existing endpoints and to establish a connection to a
    VDI-in-a-Box infrastructure in under five minutes.
  • Citrix Receiver 12.1 with flash redirection and USB support
  • Firefox 12 with Flash Plug-in 11.2
  • The remote tool Team Viewer to give fast and hassle free support

“Stratodesk’s latest version of NoTouch Desktop provides businesses with a best-of-breed endpoint OS and management solution that is even more versatile, easy to connect and cost effective,” explains Emanuel Pirker, Founder and CEO of Stratodesk. “We’re excited to provide a smart and effective, hassle-free, hardware independent solution for businesses moving to VDI. We are also very proud to present a rapid way for VDI-in-a-Box users to repurpose all their endpoints and connect to VDI-in-a-Box environment. “

Pricing for NoTouch Desktop begins at $31.49 for 1-10 clients, $29.92 for 11-100 clients, $28.34 for 101-500 clients and $27.00 for 501-1000 clients. For more information, please visit or call (415) 946-4029. To evaluate NoTouch Desktop for free please register at:

Stratodesk will host a free webinar on how to repurpose and manage your existing hardware with NoTouch Desktop on Wednesday, May 30 at 09:30 a.m. PST. For registration please click here: