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Tibco focuses on user experience with Spotfire update

cloud exchangeTibco software has released an update to its data analytics offering, Spotfire, focusing on improving user experience and increased collaboration.

The update offering focuses on enhancements to core visualisations, built-in data access and data preparation functions and simplified web-based administration tools.

“This release accelerates self-service productivity, enabling faster, more accurate insights that can be shared over a platform that scales on cloud or on-premises,” said Michael O’Connell, Chief Analytics Officer at Tibco. “Our goal is to enable users to simplify and reduce time to insight, while enabling actions through a unified Spotfire platform that does not rely on costly add-ons or extensions.”

Tibco also recently joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation, an industry standard platform for cloud applications. Using the company’s BusinessWorks Container Edition platform, Tibco will contribute to programs focused on portable cloud-native applications.

“At the Cloud Foundry Foundation, we are always looking for ways to enhance our platform so that it provides vendor-agnostic flexibility, scalability, and interoperability for cloud deployments to help enterprises develop cloud deployments that best suit their business needs,” said Sam Ramji, CEO of Cloud Foundry. “Integration remains a key concern as cloud development proliferates, so we are pleased that Tibco will be sharing its expertise to deepen the Cloud Foundry platform’s capabilities.”

The company also released Nimbus maps, a new interface aimed at giving customers complete overview of business processes and operations through a single cloud-based application. The product is aimed at enabling digital transformation to ensure updates are communicated to relevant team members across the enterprise.

“If you’re going to become a Digital Business, you first need to understand how your processes actually work, and what they affect,” said Matt Quinn, CTO at Tibco. “This allows you to focus on transforming the processes that matter the most, such as those that have direct customer touch points, impact your customer experience or affect your time to market for new products or services.

“Nimbus Maps puts process discovery and communication directly in the hands of those that know your business the best, which not only accelerates process improvement, but also helps tie the improvements directly to key metrics from Net Promoter Scores (NPS) to customer Service Level Agreements.”