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Basware Launches Procurement Module for InvoiceReady

Basware has announced the availability of a procurement module to its InvoiceReady solution, to “deepen the benefits of fully electronic invoice handling to SMBs.”

Automated invoice handling improves SMB’s ability to manage cash flow across their organization. To address this, Basware designed InvoiceReady to be able to be configured rapidly, deployed quickly, scaled up and down based on business need, with users paying only for what they use. As a cloud-based service, it does not require complex integration, and allows the SMB to experience the benefits of electronic processing of invoice and purchase transactions without having to worry about managing the technical infrastructure.

With a controlled way of creating, reviewing and approving purchase requisitions before and after ordering SMBs are now able to gain visibility of indirect spend and gain greater control of purchases as well as future cash commitments within the company. The procurement module also includes matching functionality that links purchase orders and incoming invoices together, allowing businesses to manage cash flow visibility more efficiently and produce reliable audit trails of the invoices processing through the organization.