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Hello, Windows 10! Goodbye, Windows Vista.

  As of April 11th, Microsoft announces major changes to their operating systems for users! Within these changes include the highly-anticipated Windows 10 Creators Update and the end of support for Windows Vista. What does this mean for Windows 10 users? In short, the latest release of Windows 10 includes the Creators Update – jam […]

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Windows 10 Creators Update – Update Parallels Desktop FIRST!

  For months now, Microsoft has been telling everyone about the pending update to Windows 10: the Creators Update. The release date has now been set, and it is April 11. If you wish to install the Windows 10 Creators Update in a brand new VM, you can do so now: an Installation ISO was […]

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The Evolution of Windows Users (Infographic)

While we’ve reminisced about Windows in both slideshow and infographic form here on the Parallels blog, we’ve yet to view the history of Microsoft’s mighty OS through the lens of its users. We know exactly how Windows itself has evolved over the past thirty years, but how have we, the users, changed? This infographic shows […]

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How to Run Windows Notepad on Mac

Anybody who codes regularly or hates formatting discrepancies has a fondness for a good, basic text-editing program. Say what you like about these no-frills text editors, but they’re useful and easy to use. A perennial favorite amongst users: Windows Notepad. Notepad is a fan-favorite for a lot of reasons—for instance, its familiarity; its ability to […]

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Anatomy of a PC Ninja (Infographic)

Are you a PC ninja—a.k.a. a “Winja”? Check out this awesome infographic from PC Ninja to find out if you embody all of the assets required to be dubbed a master of Windows. If you’re running any version of Windows on Parallels Desktop for Mac, it’s likely that you boast at least a few of […]

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Quest Software Adds Monitoring for Windows Azure Apps

Quest Software, Inc., now part of Dell today announced the general availability of Foglight for Windows Azure Applications, as well as beta availability of Foglight for Cloud Cost Management. Both are available immediately via the new Foglight On-Demand platform. This enhanced product offering, together with a new, currently free, cost management tool, enables developers to easily optimize the performance of applications built on the Windows Azure platform.

“The enhanced functionality in Foglight for Windows Azure Applications and the accompanying new and free tools open the door for Quest to provide valuable services at a nominal price to small- and mid-sized organizations that are leveraging Azure today. For large enterprises, these new solutions provide the assurance that when they are ready to leverage cloud platforms, or look to use SaaS-based application performance monitoring (APM), Quest will be there to support them.”

F5 Extends Dynamic Networking to Windows Server-Based Virtual Network Environments

F5 Networks, Inc. today announced the F5 Network Virtualization Solution for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. The solution gives F5 customers the flexibility to use the BIG-IP platform to deploy network services in cloud-driven data centers that are built on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. This announcement underscores F5’s commitment to deliver a dynamic, efficient data center that will ensure scalability, security, and manageability across an organization’s IT environments and systems.

With this solution, the same network-based services that the BIG-IP platform provides—such as local and global load balancing, advanced traffic steering, access control, and application security and acceleration—can now also be used to deliver applications in the Microsoft cloud and virtualized network environments. The solution is enabled by F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM®) Virtual Edition (VE) running on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V.

Organizations that use Hyper-V network virtualization to realize cost savings and operational efficiencies stand to gain many additional benefits from the F5 solution, including:

  • Improved Flexibility – Working in conjunction with Hyper-V
    network virtualization, the F5 solution supports seamless, low-cost
    migration to the cloud by allowing organizations to use the same
    policies and IP addresses in the cloud that they currently use in the
    physical network.
  • Cost Savings – The F5 solution accelerates data center
    consolidation by connecting hybrid cloud environments, enabling
    organizations to cut costs while extending their applications and
  • Efficient Network Management – The F5 solution can
    intelligently manage network traffic at layers 4-7, mitigating the
    need for organizations to build and manage large layer 2 networks.
  • Streamlined ADN Services – The F5 solution runs on Windows
    Server 2012 Hyper-V, and all services are applied in BIG-IP LTM VE, so
    no software upgrades or special code is required on the physical

Cloud Migrator Transfers Files between Amazon S3, Azure, Rackspace

CloudBerry Lab today announced the beta version of its new CloudBerry Cloud Migrator service that allows users to transfer files from one cloud storage to another. The service supports data migration between Amazon S3, Windows Azure Blob Storage, Rackspace Cloud Files and FTP servers.

Cloud Migrator service by CloudBerry Lab is a web application that lets users transfer their files across different cloud storage services without installing any additional software. All copy operations executes inside a cloud and managed through the web interface.

The service allows users to copy files between different locations or accounts within one cloud storage provider as well as between different. It’s a perfect solution to painlessly migrate data from one Amazon S3 bucket to another or from Amazon S3 to Azure Blob Storage or Rackspace Cloud Files and vice versa.

Finally, Cloud Migrator supports FTP so it can also be used to easily copy/move files from an FTP server to any of the supported cloud storage accounts with no need to implement complicated scripts.

In the Cloud Migrator future releases, the new low-cost Glacier storage by Amazon AWS will be added to the list of supported cloud storage accounts.

CloudBerry Cloud Migrator is available at

Quest Software Foglight for Windows Azure Monitors Application Performance.

Quest Software today introduced Foglight for Windows Azure Applications, an application performance monitoring (APM) solution available via software-as-a-service (SaaS). Available immediately as a beta, the newest addition to the industry-leading Foglight APM portfolio enables IT administrators to monitor performance and understand what end users are experiencing with Windows Azure-based application.

Foglight for Windows Azure Applications enables enterprises to leverage cloud-based performance monitoring technology for applications built on the Windows Azure platform, and allows IT administrators to gain critical insight as to how end users interact with these applications.

GraphOn Adds iPhone to iPad Windows Application Access App

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...

GraphOn Corporation today announced its new GO-Global iOS Client. Available immediately as a free downloadable app from Apple’s App Store, the new GO-Global iOS Client is used in conjunction with GraphOn’s GO-Global Windows Host solution to seamlessly deliver Windows applications to Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch users.

The new GO-Global iOS Client replaces GraphOn’s popular GO-Global iPad Client. New and improved features include support for iPhone and iPad Touch platforms in addition to existing iPad support, enhanced navigation, voice-to-text input, auto-resizing on device rotation, increased performance, plus iPhone and iPad 3 Retina Display screen optimization.

“iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch users can now interact with their favorite Windows programs using just their fingers,” said Christoph Berlin, GraphOn’s vice president of product management and marketing. “Our GO-Global iOS Client uses intuitive, multi-touch gestures to achieve popular mouse and keyboard operations. Windows applications appear on the iOS device just as though they were running locally, retaining all features, functions, and branding.”

GO-Global Windows Host securely delivers server-resident Windows applications to virtually any location, platform, and operating system. Current GO-Global Windows Host customers can gain immediate access to their remoted Windows programs from their iOS device by simply downloading the free GO-Global iOS Client from the App Store at iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch users who are not currently using GO-Global Windows Host, but who wish to evaluate its remote access capabilities, can download the free GO-Global iOS Client and then immediately connect to GraphOn’s online demonstration server running several popular Windows programs. No sign-up or registration is required.

GraphOn’s GO-Global iOS Client requires Apple iOS 5.0 or later.