AWS expands reach of Database Migration Service

City lights - EuropeAmazon Web Services has expanded the availability of its Database Migration Service to nearly all its territories worldwide.

Having already performed 1000 migrations since the turn of the year, the service is now available throughout the US, Europe and several locations in Asia. The company is yet to expand to its other regions including Sao Paolo and Seoul.

“Hundreds of customers moved more than a thousand of their on-premises databases to Amazon Aurora, other Amazon RDS engines, or databases running on Amazon EC2 during the preview of the AWS Database Migration Service,” said Hal Berenson, VP, Relational Database Services at AWS. “Customers repeatedly told us they wanted help moving their on-premises databases to AWS, and also moving to more open database engine options, but the response to the AWS Database Migration Service has been even stronger than we expected.”

Migrating a database to the cloud can be a complex and costly project, with enterprises sometimes having to make a tough decision. The decision Enterprises have traditionally had to make is to either take the database out of service while they copy the data, or purchase migration tools which can cost a small fortune. Amazon claims its service is a more cost effective proposition, starting at $3/TB, and it can reduce downtime.

AWS customer Thomas Publishing is an example of one such company who have utilized the service. The team are currently undergoing a transformation project to ensure the products are more user-friendly in the digital world.

“Faced with the challenge of rapidly growing volumes of data and the need to increase efficiency and deliver results on shorter timelines, we were confronted with unattractive options requiring significant upfront investment in both infrastructure and Oracle license expense,” said Hans Wald, Chief Technology Officer, Thomas Publishing

Amazon said that they plan to roll the service out to additional locations in the coming months.