Are we nearing the end of cloud?

Does this question surprise you, especially at a time when all major cloud companies such as AWS, Microsoft and Google are reporting stellar profits buoyed by the success of their cloud business?

Well, we’re still nearing the end of cloud and here’s why.

Long-term sustainability

Building applications in the cloud is not easy, especially when you’re looking to use it over a span of a few years. This is because the app will generate more data every day, so storage and analysis becomes difficult over time. This means, as the app grows, you’re going to spend more time and effort on it.

Bandwidth limitations

Our storage and computing speeds are growing at astronomical rates, but are network bandwidth capacity is not growing so much. As we move to the age of 4k, HD and even 8k, we’re pushing the limits of bandwidth.

Also, the way the Internet is create doesn’t help either. For example, let’s say 100 of us want to see a picture. This means 100 downloads from the same server for the same picture. So, this clogs the servers and makes it more difficult for networks to handle this traffic.


The entire cloud system is centralized and that, in many ways, makes it vulnerable to outside attacks and natural disasters.

Though you can argue that all data is stored across different servers and locations, still it poses a risk. What is AWS or Microsoft decides to shut off access to your important documents? You have no control over what they can do. Even if it’ not that drastic, still you’re dependent on them to access your files. That’s scary by itself.

Identity thefts

When your data is sitting within the servers of a single company, it increases the chances for attacks. Remember, what happened to Equifax? Private and sensitive information of 140 million Americans was stolen and even distributed in the dark web before it came to light.

The possibility for such incidents is high because all that a hacker has to do is breach a single point in the network.

All these factors could eventually spell the demise of cloud, unless someone comes up with something drastic to change the way it works.

Probably, a more practical solution is to use technologies like blockchain that alleviates some of these problems. Though blockchain is its nascent changes, it has the power to transform the way we store and access data in the future.

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