AppNeta Launches Global MSP Partner Program

AppNeta today announced the launch of a new partner program for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). The AppNeta MSP Partner Program is designed to offer easy, revenue-generating services for assuring performance of critical applications such as VoIP, video conferencing, virtualization and web-based services. Today, AppNeta’s MSP Partners seamlessly and easily integrate AppNeta services into existing managed service contracts and create enhanced service offerings including network assessments, continuous monitoring, proactive troubleshooting, and scheduled reporting and alerting.

AppNeta’s PathView Cloud network performance service provides channel partners with unmatched breadth of insight and time to value, enabling them to see across multiple customer infrastructures in one view, and then pinpoint exactly where problems are occurring and why. The new MSP Partner Program offers unique pricing terms, centralized dashboards and alerts, white-labeled custom branded interface and a utility-based MRR billing model.

“We understand the demands on customer networks today, especially as business applications become more performance-sensitive. It is absolutely necessary for MSPs to have 24/7 performance visibility,” said Jim Melvin, CEO of AppNeta. “AppNeta is partnering with MSPs to develop an easy-to-implement service assurance program that will not only improve customer satisfaction, but will create new revenue sources at the same time.”

“Bandwidth Management Group is thrilled to be part of the AppNeta MSP Partner Program. We can now measure the performance of our customers’ wide area networks and cloud applications with continuous remote site monitoring,” said Christian Fedor, president, Bandwidth Management Group. “The new billing and training programs have made it easy for us to integrate the AppNeta solution into our existing managed service portfolio.”

While AppNeta has a long-standing partner program with more than 400 partners around the world, the new MSP Program is enhanced with key benefits to partners managing ongoing services and delivering critical applications to their global customer sites. The AppNeta MSP Partner program features:

  • Monthly, consumption-based billing
  • Easy, cloud-delivered implementation and automatic service upgrades
  • Simple, straightforward licensing
  • Regular upsell opportunities to customers