AppNeta Enhances Web Application Performance Monitoring

AppNeta today announced the launch of PathView Cloud with AppView Web for insight into Web application performance for end users. PathView Cloud automatically delivers Web performance visibility from the perspective of remote enterprise users, and also delivers network performance insight.

“When the Electronic Health Record (EHR) applications don’t perform well, end users get frustrated, adoption decreases, and the value of the application is never realized,” said Bob Dupuis, Director, Technical Services, Arcadia Solutions. “By using PathView Cloud with AppView Web as part of our EHR optimization services we can quickly determine root cause and resolution to performance problems. AppView Web also enables our managed services team to proactively manage EHR infrastructures, increasing physician satisfaction and adoption. This results in more meaningful use of the critical application.”

As more and more organizations transition to Web-based technology for business critical applications, it is necessary for IT teams to have 24/7 visibility from the end user’s perspective, and be able to understand and troubleshoot performance issues wherever they are occurring in the network or the application. When critical business applications such as CRM systems, hosted email, collaboration tools or healthcare and financial record services stop working, so do the employees.

“Poor end-user performance of critical Web applications like Netsuite,, Google Apps and hosted email seriously disrupts business operations,” said Jim Melvin, CEO of AppNeta. “Unlike traditional Web performance tools available today, PathView Cloud with AppView Web enables you to see the performance of these applications within your own network and how they are impacting service delivery to your end users.”

With the newest AppView Web enhancements, PathView Cloud now provides a continuous view of the actual application performance with unprecedented network performance insight. This integrated performance visibility enables IT operations teams to monitor and troubleshoot performance of Web applications more quickly and easily than ever before. With a simple click within the PathView Cloud reporting interface, users can drill down from the overall performance of their Web application into the specific application steps and a detailed view of the Web pages involved to understand the cause of poor performance. AppView Web is compatible with Web applications that require authentication and performs multi-step scripted actions to accurately assess the application performance experienced by the user.