Aibo robot dog – cuteness and smartness bundled together

Aibo robot is an artificial intelligence-powered robot from the house of Sony. This robot dog can wag its tail, chase balls and even learn new tricks from you like giving you a hug or a high five when you come back home.

According to Sony, this new robot can form an emotional bond with you and your family members and shower on you tons of love and affection, just like any dog would.  It may even give you the pleasure of nurturing and living with a companion. It has the capability to understand words of praise and over time, can even know what actions make you happy or angry.

At the same time, it can also do digital things for you. It constantly stores and updates data in the cloud, so based on your mood, it can change its personality. Besides, Aibo can take pictures and store them on the cloud. This means, you can browse through these images on the Aibo app as and when you want.

This robot is a resurrection of the attempt made by Sony almost a decade ago when it experimented with artificial intelligence. In fact, it is a testimony of Sony’s pioneering efforts in the world of robotics and artificial intelligence.

The first attempt to create such a robot happened in 1999. Aibo, which stands for artificial intelligence robot, got people excited. The first 3,000 units were sold within the first 20 minutes of sale online. But unfortunately, interest in Aibo waned after more artificial intelligence robots came into the market. So, it stopped making Aibo in 2006.

But now, artificial intelligence is booming again and many major companies are entering into the fray with their own products. So, Sony also wants to get back in. After all, it has a lead in this market and all that it has to do is capitalize on this lead and brand image.

For reviving Aibo and to fund other artificial intelligence products, Sony entered into a venture capital fund partnership with the U.S company Cogital. Since then, it has been investing in many AI startups.

This cute Aibo dog goes on sale in Japan today and retails for $1,740 before tax. let’s see if this move helps Sony to take on tech giants like Amazon and Google in the artificial intelligence market.

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