What will be the future of the cloud in Europe?

I recently tuned in to a GigaOM webinar on the future of the cloud a few weeks back. Key topics discussed were what’s driving cloud adoption in Europe and whether Europe can truly build a vibrant cloud ecosystem.

It was an interesting debate, which got me thinking: We listen to the likes of Gartner and other analysts on what the future will bring for cloud, but what do you as a cloud user or vendor really think about this?

GigaOM predicted that EMEA would account for 20 per cent of the global cloud market at about $40bn in 2014 and that’s ALL cloud technology. Even though that’s a more conservative number than Gartner, its still a big number, and I am sure it is one that has a lot of vendors salivating. Given that is a bucket that includes ALL Cloud technologies, it would be interesting to …