The Journey to Enterprise #DevOps | @DevOpsSummit #IoT #Docker #Microservices

Many people recognize DevOps as an enormous benefit – faster application deployment, automated toolchains, support of more granular updates, better cooperation across groups. However, less appreciated is the journey enterprise IT groups need to make to achieve this outcome. The plain fact is that established IT processes reflect a very different set of goals: stability, infrequent change, hands-on administration, and alignment with ITIL. So how does an enterprise IT organization implement change to achieve DevOps outcomes?
Bernard Golden sat down with Andi Mann, VP in the Office of Strategic Solutions at CA Technologies to address this thorny problem in a recent Cloud Luminary Fireside Chat. Andi and Bernard discussed topics such as: How does DevOps get started – top-down or bottom-up? Who should lead a DevOps initiative – Dev or Ops? Common pitfalls encountered in DevOps initiatives, and other considerations.

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