Technavio highlights top three trends for global enterprise cloud services market to 2020

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/HAYKIRDI)

Research and advisory firm Technavio has brought to light three new trends that are set to play a key role in terms of market growth in the global enterprise cloud services market in the years to 2020. The trends in question are the rising adoption of hybrid cloud services, increase in adoption of BYOD policy and the rise of cloud brokerage services.

Amit Sharma, one of Technavio’s lead analysts for cloud computing research, said: “Cloud computing services enable rapid deployment and provisioning of IT infrastructure based on changing needs. Enterprise needs to meet day-to-day computing requirements encompass rapid scalability and deployment. The availability of a number of applications to meet end-user needs is another factor driving the adoption of private cloud services. Companies are gradually automating their business processes, and a number of other supporting features such as artificial intelligence (AI) are likely to be introduced aggressively during the forecast period, to ease processes.”

Given the complication associated to the integration between private and public clouds, enterprises will most probably select hybrid cloud infrastructure that exhibit features of the private cloud and that of the public cloud as they look to deal with an increase in capacity.

Technavio researchers anticipate the adoption of BYOD policies to further agility and mobility on account of a drastic increase during the forecast period. This is driven by the rising use of mobile devices and smartphones along with the reputation of mobile apps that has contributed to a significant rise in utilisation of enterprise cloud services.

Cloud service brokers serve as middlemen between cloud service providers and businesses. They offer management and maintenance services to enterprises. Cloud service brokers assess current requirement and future needs while also providing consulting services and assistance in vendor selection. They also provide deduplication, security, and data protection services to enterprises.

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