New France-IX DNS server claims to reduce latency 10x

server rackInternational internet exchange point provider France-IX has unveiled a new DNS server in Paris that claims to reduce internet traffic latency to 1-3ms.

France-IX is a member-only exchange point that has hundreds of members. It was founded in 2010 and now has operations around the world. The new K-root server is running on a Dell PowerEdge R430 server donated by Dalenys, one of its members.

“We have been connected to France–IX since 2012 to meet the demand of interconnection with internet networks,” said Frederic Dhieux, Deputy CTO at Dalenys. “We are glad to sponsor the K-root installation and actively contribute to France-IX.”

The K-root software is installed and maintained by the RIPE NCC, which has a close relationship with France-IX. “We’re delighted that France-IX has decided to host a K-root node,” said RIPE NCC CIO Kaveh Ranjbar. “The expansion of the K-root network increases its robustness, contributing to the resiliency of the global Internet. Through this kind of cooperation, we help improve the overall stability and global reachability of the Internet for all its users.”

“This project demonstrates the commitment of France-IX and our members and partners to collaborate closely to improve services for the global community,” said Franck Simon, MD of France-IX. “We continue to strive to bring the best possible quality of experience to our members and we are excited about the improved latency we are able to achieve with the new K-root server in Paris, in collaboration with RIPE NCC and Dalenys.”