Red Queen or Dystopia? By @TheEbizWizard | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

The clamor surrounding enterprise cybersecurity is to be expected, of course, with all the breaches – ahem, “incidents” – over the last year or so. Home Depot. Target. Anthem. The list goes on and on. And with breaches come enterprise dollars, frantically swirling over the proverbial barn door after the horse is long gone, having fallen victim to some central Asian DDoS attack, no doubt.
Warning: if you like a manageable inbox, then whatever you do, don’t get a press pass to the RSA Conference. I’ve had such passes to conferences before, even quite large ones, but nothing prepared me for the onslaught of PR pitches for this venerable enterprise security shindig.
To make matters worse, all the pitches sounded alike. Apparently there are only about a dozen or so buzzwords in the security industry, and it’s the role of each vendor – and especially their PR wonks – to put said buzzwords into a unique order, thus differentiating their products from the hundreds of other widgets and gewgaws looking to rise above the noise.

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