Intuit’s QuickBase Goes Mobile

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QuickBase from Intuit Inc. now enables information workers to  build and  deploy QuickBase applications across tablets, smartphones and desktop computers.

QuickBase is a cloud platform that empowers do-it-yourself workers (DIYers) to create their own applications and solutions that improve productivity. It’s easy to use so anyone can create custom, collaborative business applications with no coding knowledge needed. DIYers have built more than 3 million QuickBase applications since the platform launched in 2002.

Intuit refreshed QuickBase to make it even easier to build and access apps with user experiences designed specifically for desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. A simplified design, enhanced search and reporting functionality, and a more intuitive navigation make QuickBase easier to learn and to use on desktop computers. A mobile version of enables tablet users to create new or improve existing apps, and smartphone users to access their mobile business apps on the go.

A September 2012 survey from QuickBase found that information workers aren’t satisfied with today’s off-the-shelf options.

  • 53 percent said they would build their own mobile app if they could do
    so easily.
  • 33 percent of respondents said the mobile apps they’re using are not
    currently meeting their needs. Nearly all (95 percent) said they
    obtained their mobile apps from IT or purchased them from an online
    app store.
  • 76 percent cited the inability to write code or lack of approval from
    IT as reasons that would keep them from developing their own apps.
  • 40 percent would build apps that serve business management and
    collaboration functions.

“The fast and accelerating pace of business today requires enterprise employees to work dynamically, solving problems as they surface, at times on the go,” said Allison Mnookin, vice president and general manager of Intuit QuickBase. “They need tools that are easy to use, collaborative and help their teams get their jobs done faster. They need applications that solve their teams’ unique workflows and that can flex, scale, and evolve as their needs morph.

“Mobile enterprise apps on the market today don’t meet these needs well; they either solve problems with a one-size-fits-all approach or require IT resources to develop expensive custom solutions.”

QuickBase solves this need by enabling DIYers to build applications once and deploy them across any desktop or mobile device. The QuickBase platform offers unique benefits that include:

  • Empowering enterprise workers to build business apps on their own,
    reducing the IT development backlog and reducing development cycles
    from months to days.
  • Providing hundreds of templates that solve problems instantly and
    jumpstart the solution for complex apps, making it easier to address
    any business problem.
  • Offering robust permission controls to determine who accesses or edits
    specific data or the application itself.
  • Making app development collaborative and iterative so teams can modify
    their work to meet their evolving needs.
  • Interconnecting QuickBase apps to bring data together in one place,
    improving productivity and the quality of business insights, while
    reducing high costs associated with managing a patchwork of solutions
    from different providers.

“Our business lives in QuickBase,” said Will Wieder, chief information officer of Ministry Health Care in Appleton, Wisc. “We manage everything from meeting agendas to plans to IT projects across thousands of QuickBase applications.

“It’s our personal Swiss Army knife. QuickBase prepares us to address the changing needs of our teams’ work with custom solutions. The new mobile capability helps traveling members of the team stay productive, especially those who have ditched their PCs in favor of iPads and other mobile devices.”in the United States and other countries.