IBM: New Cloud Service For Designing Sophisticated Electronic Systems For Mobile And Wearable Technology

IBM announced their new cloud service called High Performance Services for Electronic Design Automation (EDA), which is the industry’s first Software-as-a-Service that provides users the tools to build out electronic systems used for mobile and wearable devices. These tools have been made available through a partnership with SiCAD, a Silicon Design Platform provider with expertise in EDA, design flows, networking, security, platform development, and cloud technologies.


The service opens up the door for anyone interested in designing the next big tech innovation. IBM says that anyone with the SoftLayer subscription can begin designing electronic technology in the cloud using patented technology that IBM’s own internal product designers use. This service is delivered on their SoftLayer infrastructure and is on a pay as you go model.




The first phase of the launch will deliver three key tools: 1) IBM Library Characterization, to create abstract electrical and timing models required by chip design tools and methodologies; 2) IBM Logic Verification, to simulate electronic systems described using the VHDL and Verilog design languages; and 3) IBM Spice, an electronic circuit simulator used to check design integrity and predict circuit behavior, all on an IBM Platform LSF cluster built on the IBM SoftLayer cloud.


The cluster will use physical and network isolations for enhanced security and the cloud services ingle-tenant servers, which means that clients don’t share servers and firewalls to enhance security as well. These tested tools are expected to set new benchmarks in price-performance. This means that verification work will get done quicker and utilize fewer resources or produce better quality through more verification in the same amount of time.


Cloud computing provides the scalability requirements for EDA, along with making it affordable. Clients can scale up or down based on demand, manage peak demands, increase design productivity, reduce capital expenditure and increase operational efficiency using IBM High Performance Services. Another positive of using this cloud service is that clients will not need to purchase any new hardware or technology.

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