Huawei launches latest FusionSphere cloud operating system at Shanghai Cloud Congress

Huawei cloud eventHuawei has launched the latest version of its enterprise cloud operating system. FusionSphere 6.0 was unveiled at Huawei Cloud Congress in Shanghai, alongside FusionInsight and FusionStage.

The cloud operating system aims to helps customers run their services more smoothly over virtual servers, private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, desktop clouds and network function virtualisation infrastructures (NFVIs).

The strategy is to build all components, systems and ecosystems of FusionSphere on open source software and to comply with native OpenStack standards, said Joy Huang, VP of Huawei’s IT product line. It also supports OpenStack application programming interfaces (APIs) so that third-party apps based on native OpenStack can run on Huawei FusionSphere 6.0 without any adjustment.

Huawei has also released OceanStor DJ, a data service platform that offers storage and management services on demand by unifying storage resources, which it claims will raise operating operation efficiency in data centres. Administrators can now select from a menu of data management services and pool the resources across their cloud data centres. OceanStor DJ also offers archiving and offline data services.

Huawei said it is ‘working closely’ with 30 storage application vendors to provide easy to use data services such as data protection, databases, big data and data security through OceanStor DJ.

“OceanStor DJ provides storage as a service (SaaS) for enterprise IT systems, freeing up engineers from the heavy workload in managing data storage and focusing them on service transformation and innovation,” said Fan Ruiqi, president of Huawei’s storage product line.

Huawei storage products have a community of dedicated users, strong customer support and the ability to manage growing amounts of data, said Eric Sansonetti, VP of Business Partnerships at database company VoltDB. “We foresee ample opportunities to partner in the growing area of real-time analytics and data challenges,” said Sansonetti, “an open data service platform for partners will help push the development of software-defined storage.”

Huawei announced that it is currently ranked 7th in the latest official ranking of commitment to Openstack.

Huawei also participates in the open-source container field and is among the founding members of Open Container Initiative (OCI) project and Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).