Don’t Stick Your Head in the Sand, Create a Proactive Security Strategy

The lack of a proactive security strategy is much like an ostrich putting its head in the sand. It is a matter of when, not if attacks will happen. As enterprise systems are exposed to substantial risk from data loss, theft, or manipulation, a proactive unified approach deployed and managed from the cloud can provide a better balance of data leakage prevention, protection of IP assets, maintenance of compliance standards versus cost/resource responsibility.
In business, data is currency. It is the oil that keeps the commercial engine in motion and databases are the digital banks that store and retrieve this valuable information. And, according to IDC, data is doubling every two years. But as the overall amount of data grows, so does the amount of sensitive and regulated data. All this data stored by enterprises requires high levels of security. Presently (again, according to IDC) only about a quarter of that data is being properly protected now. Like all currency, data must be protected.

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