Does mobility and the cloud equal total compatibility?

Over the last fifteen or so years, we have seen computing make the transition from the fixed and immovable desktops and servers, through to chunky underpowered laptops, through to less chunky but more powerful laptops using Wi-Fi connectivity, through to smartphones, 3G, tablets.

We are now nearing a state of complete computing mobility. More recently, we have seen cloud computing grow exponentially with cloud hosting and remote data storage services such as Dropbox taking centre stage.

It is predicted that in 2013, there will be significant merging between the cloud and mobile computing.

The cloud and mobility have already merged in certain markets however, but under a different guise. Where ‘mobility’ has meant the access and input of data in any place and at any time, whether in business or public, it follows that there should be a convergence of such mobility with the extensive array of cloud services.

There …