Containers and Microservices at @CloudExpo New York By @IoT2040 [#Cloud]

Containers and microservices have become topics of intense interest throughout the cloud developer and enterprise IT communities.

Accordingly, attendees at the upcoming 16th Cloud Expo at the Javits Center in New York June 9-11 will find fresh new content in a new track called PaaS | Containers & Microservices

Containers are not being considered for the first time by the cloud community, but a current era of re-consideration has pushed them to the top of the cloud agenda. With the launch of Docker’s initial release in March of 2013, interest was revved up several notches. Then late last year, CoreOS shook up the community with its Rocket containers announcement.

Part of Rocket’s strategy is apparently to return to the notion of a container as, well, a container, in the face of Docker expanding its container strategy upward into the overall PaaS realm. Meanwhile, Red Hat has its own view of containers.

Along with that, there are viewpoints that perhaps containers haven’t been used well up to this point. Red Hat’s Gordon Haff, for example, a regular Cloud Expo speaker, recently wrote that developers and their customers need to re-think the concept of services themselves, and how they should be deployed discretely and loosely. Rather than just stuff an OS into a container, for example, developers and deployers should consider a spectrum of microservices and what they can do.

Cloud Expo is still accepting submissions for this new track, so please visit for the latest information.

As always, Cloud Expo is staying right on top of what’s going on in this fast-evolving world. We look forward to seeing you in New York.

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