Cloud disaster recovery: 5 key steps to secure your data

Hosting applications on the cloud is tempting many IT organisations for sundry reasons like availing benefits from outsized datacentres, backup power sources and other capabilities that till lately only established IT organisations could afford.

Pay-as-you-go culture or guaranteed availability makes cloud adoption an easy and unperturbed choice for many SMBs and large scale organisations.

Many hosting providers maintain compound data centres, so decision makers often assume disaster recovery to be the inherent feature in the cloud culture that is offered to them. But little do they realise that this is a vital issue that warrants concern. Disaster Recovery (DR) is not a default configuration for many providers that offer cloud space in the IT market.

The 9/11 attacks cautioned many towards IT disaster preparedness (though probability of such disasters are extremely rare but not impossible). Before dealing with your cloud space provider and before signing on the dotted line …