Cloud computing and the Church: A match made in heaven?

In the week that Pope Francis decreed that atheists could still go to heaven if they followed their consciences, a new report has come to light showing how churches are taking up the cloud.

Four out of five large churches – comprising 1000 weekly attendees or more – are using cloud technology, with 55% of small churches currently in the cloud.

And the advantages are clear to see. Churches who are using the cloud to support online giving were almost two times more likely to see an upturn in donations. 72% of cloud-based large churches affirmed this, as opposed to just 41% of smaller churches.

Not surprisingly, the report also revealed a spike in engagement for churches in the cloud. Just over half (53%) of large cloudy churches stream their events, compared to just over 32% of those not utilising cloud.

The biggest growth however is in smartphone apps for engagement. Just …