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IT admins most concerned by tool sprawl, external threats and security

JumpCloud Inc.‘s newest (SME) IT Trends Report, ‘Flexibility and Ingenuity: What’s Powering Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise IT Management in 2023‘, shows that just after SMEs successfully established the new workplace normal following the pandemic, significant turbulence in the greater macroeconomic environment has threatened to upend the system again. Instead of lockdowns and supply chain shortages,… Read more »

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Four evolving cloud trends set to impact your business

Cloud computing has been experiencing a boom for the last few years, with global spending on services reaching £46.3 billion in the first financial quarter of 2022, according to research from Canalys. Statista ran a survey which looked at the increased use of cloud services and found that storing and creating files and office documents… Read more »

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Five Top Trends for 2013 in the SMB Cloud

by Emily Kruger, Sr Manager, Market Research, Parallels


Parallels has just finished our 2013 SMB Cloud Insights™ research and have heard from over 6,000 small and medium businesses from 15 countries around the world about their use of cloud services. Here are five of the most interesting trends we are seeing in the SMB cloud market worldwide:

1. Cloud storage is a hot topic in IaaS for SMBs. The majority of small businesses are willing to pay 25% to 50% more for their VPS if it comes with extra storage.
2. When SMBs buy their web applications varies dramatically by SMB size. Over 40% of micro SMB (< 10 employees) bought their web apps with their web hosting and never returned to buy anything else. Medium SMBs (50 employees +) are much more likely to return to their web hoster for additional purchases.
3. Hosted business email took off this past year and was the fastest growing cloud service category in many countries. Perceived security of business class email and better integration with mobile devices are the leading reasons to switch from free to paid email accounts.
4. Hosted PBX is another cloud service that is growing quickly. Automated attendant and call control are the most popular features for SMBs – and ones not omit from a hosted PBX offering.
5. The most popular SaaS applications remain file sharing, instant collaboration and online backup & storage…but there is growing interest in support / help desk apps, online conferencing (phone and web) and online accounting.

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