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Total Defense Acquires iSheriff

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Total Defense, Inc., provider of solutions to combat the growing threat of cybercrime, today announced the company has acquired iSheriff. Together, the companies will offer “one of the most robust cloud security solutions on the market.”

“The days of employees safely accessing the internet from behind a corporate firewall are increasingly history for modern businesses. Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile, connecting through a broad array of devices and adopting cloud services at an accelerating pace. This reality requires a new approach to security,” said Paul Lipman, CEO at Total Defense. “A truly effective security solution requires a multi-layered approach. The cloud enables companies to very easily scale and deploy a powerful additional layer of security that is specifically tailored to today’s ‘de-perimeterized’ environments. As the security industry transitions, our acquisition of iSheriff puts us at the forefront of Internet security firms, by providing customers solid, best of breed, integrated security that’s managed through the cloud. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to truly make an impact and change the dynamic of the security market,” added Lipman.

Recently, Total Defense announced its first cloud product, Total Defense Cloud Security, an integrated cloud based SaaS (Security as a Service) solution for Web and email protection. The new offering provides a powerful and versatile Web and email security platform that protects users anytime and anywhere. This game changing solution provides a comprehensive additional layer of security that enhances the company’s existing endpoint solutions, giving Total Defense the advantage of a global cloud for real time malware protection across multiple platforms.

Oscar Marquez, CEO & Director of the Board of iSheriff, commented, “I have shared a vision for transforming the way businesses consume internet security with Paul Lipman for some time. Becoming part of Total Defense creates an ideal synergy. Total Defense’s large base of customers and extensive network of global partners will quickly accelerate the growth of our cloud offerings giving Total Defense a multi-tenant solution to provision and manage their customers, partners and OEM providers. This coupled with our global cloud infrastructure and cloud security expertise and Total Defense’s complete line of internet security solutions make a formidable company even stronger.”

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Total Defense Addresses Rampant Cybercrime by Launching Cloud Security Protection for Businesses

Total Defense, Inc. today announced the launch of Total Defense Cloud Security, an integrated cloud-based SaaS (Security as a Service) solution for Web and email protection. This new offering provides organizations with a powerful and versatile Web and email security platform that protects users anytime and anywhere.

The widespread use of the Web as a business tool, coupled with an increasingly mobile workforce, has enhanced corporate productivity, but it has also created new security challenges for companies that must balance providing access with protecting critical corporate assets and data. “The days of the typical business user accessing the Internet solely from the safety of a protected corporate network are over. Today’s workers are connecting from an array of different devices through a multitude of private and public networks, Wi-Fi hotspots, home networks and the like. Traditional appliance-based Web and Email security solutions are unable to address the evolving security needs of modern businesses,” said Paul Lipman, CEO of Total Defense.

“As social media becomes more prevalent, attack vectors are multiplying, forcing IT administrators to require a multi-layered security approach. Our new Cloud Security service complements our existing endpoint products by securing Web and email traffic, while protecting users and data, even when endpoints are outside of the corporate network. Total Defense Cloud Security delivers a comprehensive extra layer of protection for in-house, remote and mobile workers, while improving workplace productivity and reducing cost. Companies can now rest assured that their most valuable assets are safeguarded with multiple layers of protection,” added Lipman.

Total Defense Cloud Security provides users with a secure Internet connection, safe from threats and malware, while ensuring that Web browsing is appropriate and complies with acceptable use policies. Unlike competitors’ security SaaS offerings, the Total Defense service provides a fully unified solution for Web and email protection within a single management and reporting interface, delivering easy and flexible security for all of an organization’s users– wherever they are and on any device. No software installation or administration is required and there are no upfront implementation costs.

“Total Defense Cloud Security is an intuitive, integrated web & e-mail security product that is exceptionally easy to manage. It is extremely simple to provision and customers can be up and running in just a few minutes without ever worrying about server hardware and maintenance,” said Maurice Thompson, Network Administrator for RTL Networks.

Total Defense Cloud Security benefits include:

  • Security for Mobile and Remote Users – protection and policies
    that can be applied to users anywhere whether in the corporate
    environment, on the road or at home
  • Anti-Virus & Blended threat protection – detects and blocks
    virus attachments and malware including malicious URL links to ensure
    protection against the full range of threats that infect corporate
    networks via email
  • Anti-spam & phishing protection – employs latest range of
    anti-spam technologies including IP reputation and real-time content
    analysis to detect and block spam in the cloud before the email
    gateway even receives it
  • Application Control – enables control over social media,
    streaming media and Web-based messaging (E.g. Facebook, Skype, Google
    Talk, YouTube etc.)
  • Bandwidth Control – enables management of Internet bandwidth
    consumption and control over unnecessary, non-business use through
    flexible, policy-based controls
  • URL Filtering – utilizes latest range of Web filtering
    technologies including real-time content analysis and behavioral
    modeling in conjunction with more than 50 continuously updated
    categories of millions of websites
  • Highly redundant Global network – 27 geographic data center
    locations ensures global coverage and near zero latency
  • Comprehensive and Multi-layered Security – Cloud Security
    bundled with Total Defense r12 endpoint suite offers robust tools for
    businesses to secure their assets and data

Total Defense provides a free 15-day trial of Total Defense Cloud Web and Email Security that includes full reporting services to help businesses understand all of the service’s capabilities. To learn more, please visit: