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McAfee Launches New Data Center Security Suites

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McAfee today announced four new Data Center Security Suites to help secure servers and databases in the data center. The suites offer a unique combination of whitelisting, blacklisting and virtualization technologies for protecting servers and virtual desktops. These solutions provide optimal security for servers and databases in physical, virtualized and cloud-based data centers, with minimal impact on server resources which is a key demand for data centers.

“Performance and security are key concerns for servers in the physical, virtualized or cloud-based data centers,” said Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, Information Security and Networking at Enterprise Security Group. “The new server security suites from McAfee, based on its application whitelisting, virtualization and blacklisting and AV technologies, provide an enhanced security posture while maintaining the high server performance needs of the data center.”

The suites offer customers the ability to protect their physical and virtual servers and virtual desktops with a unique combination of technologies in a single solution.

  • McAfee Data Center Security Suite for Server provides a
    complete set of blacklisting, whitelisting, and optimized
    virtualization support capabilities for basic security on servers of
    all types
  • McAfee Data Center Security Suite for Server–Hypervisor Edition
    provides a complete set of blacklisting, whitelisting, and optimized
    virtualization support capabilities for basic security on servers of
    all types and is licensed per Hypervisor
  • McAfee Data Center Security Suite for Virtual Desktop
    provides comprehensive security for virtual desktop
    deployments without compromising performance or the user experience
  • McAfee Database Server Protection provides data base activity
    monitoring and vulnerability assessment in a single suite, for all
    major database servers in the data center

“McAfee is leading the industry with these new solutions for protecting servers in the data center,” said Candace Worley, senior vice president and general manager of endpoint security at McAfee. “The combination of whitelisting, blacklisting and virtualization in a single solution, offers an optimal security posture for protecting servers in the data centers. These solutions address the need in the industry to offer solutions that provide the highest level of protection with minimal impact on the resources they are deployed on and in a wide range of customized licensing options.”


Avira Launches 2013 Antivirus Security Software Line; Extends Protection from Computers to Consumers

Avira today announced the Avira 2013 product line, which includes Avira Free Antivirus, Avira Antivirus Premium 2013, Avira Internet Security 2013, and Avira Internet Security Plus.

The 2013 version of Avira’s Free Antivirus software adds 6 new security features making it the most comprehensive free antivirus products on the market. Avira’s premium products have 8 new features. These new features give consumers a more secure browsing experience by protecting them from Internet scams and threats, in addition to keeping their computers free of viruses and malware.

“With over 100 million users worldwide, our goal with Avira 2013 was to offer protection to people no matter what device they use, and we did that by adding many user oriented features to this release, making it the most feature-rich solution we’ve ever made,” said Sorin Mustaca, product manager and data security expert at Avira. “We’ve also kept the resources footprint small, so users will not notice any slowdown in computer performance.”

The following new features added to the Avira 2013 family of products are all designed to protect not just computer devices, but also computer users — wherever they are and whatever device they’re using:

  • Avira Protection Cloud – Avira’s leading cloud technology
    identifies malware faster by uploading suspicious files for instant
    analysis. (Available for paid users)
  • Browser Tracking Blocker – Gives users control over their
    privacy while browsing the internet by blocking trackers that gather
    data about your browsing activity.
  • Website Safety Advisor – Protects users from scams, phishing
    and suspicious sites by displaying safe, low-risk or high-risk icons
    on the search results and any webpage they visit.
  • Social Network Protection – Notifies parents and children of
    suspicious or worrisome activity on social networks (such as predators
    or your child being bullied online) so they can take appropriate
  • Android Security – Safeguards users’ Android phones and the
    valuable data it holds. Users can locate it when lost, lock it and
    even wipe the data remotely.
  • More Frequent Updates for Free Users – Avira Free Antivirus now
    updates every 6 hours instead of every 24 hours, giving users more
    current protection.
  • Network Folder Scanning – Shared folders like Dropbox and
    network folders are becoming more common, and with it comes the
    increased risk of spreading malware. Avira now scans network folders
    in addition local folders to keep computers free of infection.
    (Available for paid users)
  • No Advertising Pop-ups for Avira Free Antivirus Users Users
    who install Avira’s SearchFree toolbar will no longer have pop-up ads
    displayed to them. The SearchFree toolbar includes Browser Tracking
    Blocker and Website Safety. As always Avira’s paid products are
    without advertising, independent of toolbar installation.

Total Defense Acquires iSheriff

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Total Defense, Inc., provider of solutions to combat the growing threat of cybercrime, today announced the company has acquired iSheriff. Together, the companies will offer “one of the most robust cloud security solutions on the market.”

“The days of employees safely accessing the internet from behind a corporate firewall are increasingly history for modern businesses. Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile, connecting through a broad array of devices and adopting cloud services at an accelerating pace. This reality requires a new approach to security,” said Paul Lipman, CEO at Total Defense. “A truly effective security solution requires a multi-layered approach. The cloud enables companies to very easily scale and deploy a powerful additional layer of security that is specifically tailored to today’s ‘de-perimeterized’ environments. As the security industry transitions, our acquisition of iSheriff puts us at the forefront of Internet security firms, by providing customers solid, best of breed, integrated security that’s managed through the cloud. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to truly make an impact and change the dynamic of the security market,” added Lipman.

Recently, Total Defense announced its first cloud product, Total Defense Cloud Security, an integrated cloud based SaaS (Security as a Service) solution for Web and email protection. The new offering provides a powerful and versatile Web and email security platform that protects users anytime and anywhere. This game changing solution provides a comprehensive additional layer of security that enhances the company’s existing endpoint solutions, giving Total Defense the advantage of a global cloud for real time malware protection across multiple platforms.

Oscar Marquez, CEO & Director of the Board of iSheriff, commented, “I have shared a vision for transforming the way businesses consume internet security with Paul Lipman for some time. Becoming part of Total Defense creates an ideal synergy. Total Defense’s large base of customers and extensive network of global partners will quickly accelerate the growth of our cloud offerings giving Total Defense a multi-tenant solution to provision and manage their customers, partners and OEM providers. This coupled with our global cloud infrastructure and cloud security expertise and Total Defense’s complete line of internet security solutions make a formidable company even stronger.”

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