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Spinneret Releases Ticket Portal for Resale Market

Spinneret today announced the availability of Ticket Portal, a subscription-based web app for creating and maintaining web sites to sell sports, concerts and theater tickets online.

The secondary ticket market, also known as the resale market, has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. In this market, ticket brokers buy tickets from the primary sellers, such as Ticketmaster, and resell them to fans online.

Currently, it costs thousands of dollars and months of development, design and testing to create a website to sell tickets. This has effectively made selling tickets online an expensive investment accessible only to large ticket brokers and a few affiliates and marketers willing to take the investment risk.

Spinneret’s Ticket Portal app changes this and makes creating a ticket web site a quick and painless process with a low monthly subscription fee and no upfront fees. Ticket Portal is a single app that sits in the cloud and powers all subscriber websites, which are customized with themes and custom HTML content through a web-based administration panel.