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ProjectSpeaker Aims to Streamline Speaker Management, Engagement

ProjectSpeaker Inc., a cloud-based technology company, has launched its speaker management platform to save conference and meeting planners’ time and resources. Planners can search a speaker database of complete profiles, manage events and sessions and engage directly with speakers and/or their representatives through an internal communication channel.

With over 300 speaker bureaus and over 2,000,000 “professional speaker” search results on Google, the process of locating the ideal speaker and managing the engagement process is daunting. With ProjectSpeaker, planners are now able to create unlimited events and sessions, assign and review speakers and engage them directly to streamline the entire process.

ProjectSpeaker is free for both planners and speakers. It features an innovative business model in which we partner with conference industry suppliers to bid on their services in response to planners’ requests. ProjectSpeaker shares in the revenue generated.