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Growth is the New ‘Parallels Red’


I was recently reviewing the more than 80 case studies and video case studies we have published. It reminded me of a few trends we are seeing.


Time to deployment is clearly important but not a guarantee of success. This industry is at a stage where we know how to launch services and launch them quickly. What is less common is how to grow the customer base. I took a look at some of our more successful partners to see if there was a pattern…there is.


They know their customer. They have an anchor service that gets the customer what they need. They also have the appropriate set of add-on services to go beyond and delight the customer. Here are several examples I pulled from a couple case studies:


“We have implemented almost every Parallels Automation module there is. That proves our confidence in the solution. In the two and a half years since we launched our Parallels Automation platform, we have achieved year-on-year growth of over 200% in cloud services. We expect to exceed that in 2013.”

— Ely Cohen, CTO, Triple C


“In the last 18 months, our business with Limestone Networks has grown by 300%. We serve more customers, and have a bigger server requirement from Limestone. It is a win-win thing.”

— Sham Kamboj, Director of Services, Bagful Solutions


“The ability to evolve Hosted365 quickly, and its appeal to both resellers and other service providers around the world, is driving our growth as a company. And it’s all being made possible by Parallels Automation and the Application Packaging Standard.”

— Marco Houwen, LuxCloud CEO and Founder


Do you have a growth story you want to share?


John Zanni, Vice President, SP Marketing and Alliances, Parallels