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Best Mobile Phones for Online Gaming

Gaming forms a big part of the mobile phone industry, and it seems quite useful to answer the question of ‘what is the best mobile phone 2013’ by looking at which handset is the best for games. This slant brings into question processing power, storage, screen size, and app availability, so then, which is the best mobile phone for games in 2013. If you want to make up your own mind, you can play some of the most popular casino games on sites such as online casino UK and see for yourself.

A few contenders spring immediately to mind: the iPhone5, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy 4, Galaxy Note 2, Lumia 920 and the Sony Xperia Z.

Sony have really launched themselves back to prominence with the Xperia range and the gaming credentials of the Xperia Z are very good indeed. For starters there’s a super crisp 5inch HD screen, so visibility is well catered for. Then there’s the 1.5GHz quadcore processor to make sure the phone loads up apps quickly and doesn’t lag when they’re running.

The HTC One is very much a critic’s choice when it comes to games (and most other things). The 4.7inch screen is nicely placed in a market that tends towards overly big or overly small. It has a 1.7GHz quadcore processor and it can come with 32GB storage capacity. Anyone who loves an array of games, apps and media should err towards larger storage, and 32GB seems like a good marker.

The Galaxy Note 2 is a spectacular multimedia device, primed as much for films and personal organisation as it is games. This means the screen size is particularly generous at 5.5inches. You can also get 64GB of memory with the potential to double it on what is a real tablet/smartphone hybrid.

Then the likes of the Lumia 920, iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 all need to be considered on their relative merits. The iPhone5 and Galaxy S4 are the two accepted industry giants and they benefit from huge amounts of games from their respective Android and Apple stores, but then Windows 8 phones such as the Lumia 920 are really taking off as well.