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Informatica deepens partnership with Google Cloud

Informatica, an enterprise cloud data management specialist, has launched its Intelligent Master Data Management Software-as-a-Service (Intelligent MDM) natively on Google Cloud, and its comprehensive Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) on Google Cloud in Europe. Jitesh Ghai, chief product officer at Informatica, said: “A key ingredient in Informatica’s secret sauce is the breadth and depth of… Read more »

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Informatica extends Microsoft partnership to help companies operationalise AI

Enterprise cloud data management specialist, Informatica, has been named as an initial partner of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform Partner Ecosystem. Microsoft announced the launch of this ecosystem during its Microsoft Ignite 2022. This initiative represents an investment both companies are making towards helping enterprises truly operationalise AI with trusted and governed data. By bringing… Read more »

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Close to 60 per cent of confidential cloud data can’t have risk levels assessed – research

UK IT professionals claim to be struggling with accurately assessing the risk of storing their confidential data in the cloud

UK IT professionals claim to be struggling with accurately assessing the risk of storing their confidential data in the cloud

Data from a recent Ponemon Institute survey commissioned by Informatica suggests UK enterprises are struggling to assess the risk associated with placing confidential data in the cloud, with respondents claiming they can’t determine the risk to 58 per cent of the confidential data they store in the cloud.

The problem seems particularly acute when it comes to cloud-based data specifically – enterprises said they faced the same challenge with 28 per cent of the sensitive information held on-premise.

The survey results, which include responses from 118 UK IT and IT security professionals with responsibility for data protection, hint at differences in the level of data management tool deployments for on-premise and cloud-based systems, which does seem to skew the results in terms of confidence in data risk allocation. About 46 per cent are using such tools for data on premise and 34 per cent for data in the cloud.

Still, less than half of respondents claimed to have common processes in place for discovering and classifying the sensitive or confidential data on-premise, and just a quarter said they have a process in place for data stored in the cloud.

About 54 per cent of respondents said they are not confident in their ability to proactively respond to a new threat in the cloud, and 30 per cent of the sensitive or confidential data located in the cloud is believed to be at risk according to respondents.

“The survey highlights that whilst organisations continue to fear cyberattacks, what really keeps them up at night is the unknown. Namely not knowing where data is and the associated risk to it,” said Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder, Ponemon Institute.

“Whilst businesses are more confident about having data on premise, the shift towards cloud computing is continuing to accelerate and organisations can’t afford to be held back by data security concerns. Instead, security practitioners need to get a handle on the classification of data so that they can feel more confident about the information that they are moving to the cloud. Regardless of whether information is held on premise or in the cloud, data governance protocols should be the same,” Ponemon said.

Informatica senior vice president and general manager, data integration and security Amit Walia said the results demonstrate the majority of organisations do not have a handle on their sensitive data, regardless of whether it exists on-premise or in the cloud.

He explained that as data volumes grow enterprises are leaning more on customised software and automated processes rather than manual processes to classify data risk and apply rules and policies, which is creating somewhat of a false perception when it comes to risk.

“Because businesses have less confidence in their understanding of sensitive data then they perceive more risk. To reduce threat exposure and improve breach resiliency, organisations need to invest in data centric security technologies, which enable businesses to enact the need-to-know data access policies that help limit the exposure of sensitive data,” Walia said.

D & B and GlobalSoft Partner with Informatica to Power-Charge Customer Master Data

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D&B announced that GlobalSoft, a global software consultancy, and D&B have partnered to launch D&B360 for Informatica MDM. This marks the first time that D&B has used its Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution to integrate its unequaled database with an MDMsolution, enabling companies to automatically update and streamline their data across the enterprise to increase productivity, reduce costs and maximize ROI.

“With the increasing volume, complexity and volatility of data, it has become a struggle for companies to not only effectively manage their data, but to gain the insight necessary to act upon that data to drive real business change,” said Mike Sabin, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing Solutions at D&B. “D&B360 for Informatica MDM helps companies get ahead by delivering timely business data with actionable perspective to provide a competitive advantage.”

D&B360 for Informatica MDM provides true data stewardship and entry-point integration, making it easier to address data consistency and quality issues. In addition, D&B360 for Informatica MDM automatically embeds the industry-standard D&B DUNS® Number and all related business data via the cloud, ensuring users have timely access to a current and complete source of data, enabling them to quickly synchronize information across other business systems.

“At the recent Gartner MDM Summit, a common theme on the minds of attendees was the need to evolve current MDM tools to support the ‘day in the life of the data steward’,” said Andrew White, research vice president and agenda manager for MDM and Analytics, Gartner. “An MDM solution that couples business information like credit rankings and revenue performance can help IT leaders deliver a compelling business case for the value a holistic data view offers to company executives.”

Specific customer benefits include:

  • Faster and easier data management: D&B360 for Informatica MDM
    can be used to match, group and master records more quickly.
  • Improved data stewardship: Timely matching service can
    automatically route records that meet specified criteria for more
    effective and efficient distribution of information.
  • Entry Point Integration: D&B360 for Informatica MDM Adapter
    eliminates data quality issues and duplicate challenges at the entry
    point, to dramatically enhance data quality, decrease MDM processing
    time, improve decision making and drive lower total cost of ownership.

“Together, as we expand our long-standing relationship with D&B, we continue to help our customers and the industry improve and unlock the true value of their data,” said Dennis Moore, senior vice president and general manager, MDM, Informatica. “Our combined offering allows companies to leverage their data more effectively to make better business decisions that benefit their customers – and the bottom line.”

D&B360 for Informatica MDM will be available in the United States beginning in May 2012. For additional information about D&B360 DaaS Solution for Informatica MDM, please visit: