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Infoblox bolsters off-premise security capabilities

Security CCTV camera in office buildingInfoblox has released its DNS Firewall as a service, extending its services to roaming devices off-premise, which will be available towards the end of 2016.

The new service will offer protection to customers roaming outside the corporate perimeter, as well as within, by offering a single pane of glass for protection from malware and cyberattacks. The cloud-service works through providing actionable network intelligence to customers to strengthen their operational and security postures. It also delivers unified reporting and single-policy configuration, which Infoblox claims are capabilities not available through purely cloud-based DNS services.

“Enterprise networks do not have the luxury of being walled gardens any more, not with employees bringing their own devices and accessing data from everywhere,” said Scott Fulton, EVP of Products at Infoblox. “Infoblox DNS Firewall as a service helps our customers by providing the same industry leading protection for on- and off-premise devices, helping organisations to build enterprise networks that are more available, secure, and smart.”

The offerings capitalize on the threat intelligence technology which Infoblox acquired through buying IID in February 2016. IID was acquired for approximately $45 million as a means for Infoblox to increase its threat detection capabilities, as a means to differentiate Infoblox from other DDI vendors.

IID’s cloud-based platform for threat intelligence federation allows customers to share threat intelligence, which has been highlighted as another potential growth area for Infoblox, though this is a competitive marketplace already. Companies such as iSight already have a healthy presence in the threat intelligence market segment, though Infoblox does have a number of partnerships with these vendors, inherited through recent acquisitions, which the team does not expect to change moving forward.