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Global Industry Leaders to Discuss Latest Technology Trends at Santa Clara Technical Symposium 2012

The Technical Symposium today announced that speakers from industry leaders like Sony, Google, VMWARE, eBay, IBM, Microsoft, 3VR , Lightspeed Ventures and others will participate in a one-day event Monday, October 29 at the Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. Attendees will hear global technology thought leaders on various areas of technology including Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobile, Information Security and BYOD, among others. The keynote address, “Enterprise Trifecta: Data, Security, and Mobility. Which combination are you playing?” by Bipul Sinha, Partner, Lightspeed Ventures will focus on how emerging opportunities can be leveraged to build the technology giants of tomorrow.

More than 2000 candidates are expected to attend the event with more than 50 leading companies of the Valley participating. This will be the fifth Global Career Fair with Technical Symposium event, with the most recent having attracted more than 1500 attendees.

Prestigious companies like Google, Microsoft, eBay, Infosys, Sony, IBM, WIPRO, Tech Mahindra, Scopus, SPhata, eGrabber, 3VR, Seclore, Skytree, Appdynamics, 2600hz, Mapr, Bitzer Mobile, Couchbase, Reliable Coders, NewzSocial, Syfx Tekworks, Vilynx, Appception, Gushcloud, Pintrips, PapayaMobile, Mutu, Verbble, TotalCoach, SportYourself, Rendewoo, Offerbus, Visual Stager and Streetline are exhibiting their products, speaking or hiring at the event.

Highlights of the Events

  • Scott Collison of will discuss “Doing Deals in the
    Cloud Ecosystem” and how companies on both sides of any partnership or
    transaction now expect “light and fast” deals and also, what is the
    optimal path to productive partnerships, and are traditional venture
    capital deals still relevant?
  • Vishal Gupta, CEO, Seclore will discuss, “Information Security in the
    Social, BYOD World?” and share how companies can bring much needed
    security in an increasingly BYOD, social and collaboration driven
    world. With Seclore technology, not just emails but any document or
    presentation can be remote controlled so it cannot be copied,
    replicated, or shared without permission.
  • In his session “Big Data: from Big Picture to Reality”, Al Shipp, CEO
    of 3VR, will discuss how video intelligence tied to big data analytics
    will be the game changer across industries from retail to banking, to
    crime prevention.
  • Jack Norris of MapR will talk about “Thinking Big with Hadoop” and how
    the combination of scale, efficiency, and analytic flexibility creates
    the power to expand the applications for Hadoop and can transform
  • Anil Vasudeva of IMEXResearch will discuss, “State of the Industry –
    Big Data Infrastructure” and where the industry is heading as a whole.

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When Light Bulbs Go Off and Make Cloud Art

Here at Cloud News Daily we tirelessly search for news on all the related terms you might guess — including, of course, “cloud”.

What we come up with often has nothing to do with Cloud Computing (Actually sometimes articles purporting to be about “cloud computing” sometimes don’t). We of course filter all that out, but sometimes something just begs to be posted for your enjoyment, entertainment, or illumination (oh yes, pun intended).

Such is the case with Incandescent Cloud, artwork made from 5,000 burned out light bulbs in the shape of a cloud.

incandescent cloud art installation site logo

CLOUD is a large-scale interactive installation by Caitlind r.c. Brown for Nuit Blanche Calgary. Created from steel, metal pull-strings, and 5,000+ light bulbs (both illuminated and burnt out) CLOUD asks the viewer to participate by experiencing the work first hand – standing beneath the structure and pulling lights on and off, creating the flickering aesthetic of an electrical cloud.