Box and Salesforce unite for integrated in-app file management

mergerSalesforce and Box have worked together to integrate their respective cloud offerings so you can use files stored in Box without having to exit Salesforce. To this end they have jointly created a new Salesforce Files Connect for Box service, along with a Box software development kit (SDK) for Salesforce.

The Salesforce Files Connect for Box means that users of the former’s customer relationship management system can search, browse, access and share Box files from any device without coming out of their Salesforce app or jeopardising the existing access and security granted in Box.

The two firms claim the integration will make users of each service more productive, as content managed on Box can easily be connected directly to records, users and groups within Salesforce. The newly created cohesion between the two apps means that two Salesforce users can now collaborate together on material that is stored in the Box system.

The Box SDK for Salesforce aims to give developers license to use Box’s content management within any app built on Salesforce App Cloud. It also allows developers to embed Box’s content management functions within the Salesforce system. The upshot is that it gives Salesforce users mope options on the type of content they can use, even from specialised industries like financial services, healthcare and government.

Salesforce Files Connect for Box is currently being tested out by select customers and is expected on general release in Summer 2016. Box SDK for Salesforce is currently available for free on Github for developers.

Integrations like this help make it easier for enterprises to move to the cloud, said Box CEO Aaron Levie.

“As companies get more mobile, social and connected, it’s critical that anyone can instantly access the information they need, no matter where it is stored,” said Nasi Jazayeri, executive VP of Community Cloud at Salesforce.