Apperian Rolls Out New Mobile Application Lifecycle Management Architecture

Apperian ( today announced the latest release of its Enterprise App Services Environment (EASE), which will significantly broaden the capabilities of mobile application management (MAM).

Businesses have outgrown the basic functionality of “create, deploy and manage apps,” which used to define mobile application management. They now require a cloud platform that covers the full mobile application lifecycle management architecture, ranging from inspection of applications when they are imported for the first time, to socialization functions that foster better app creation and adoption. EASE now provides all of this in a modular solution, and all functions can be managed from a single admin console.

Aiming to provide businesses with the best products and services to meet their mobility requirements, EASE supports both native and third-party extensions, which are plugged into an “AppBus” in the platform. There are six core slots supported by the AppBus that cover all functions required for complete mobile application lifecycle management:

  • Inspect – Malware detection, automation, validation and signing
  • Protect – Geo-fencing, data encryption, app delete and device
    level management
  • Extend – Dynamic policy, remote control, silent install,
    private app network and single sign-on
  • Personalize – Role-based apps, custom branding, targeted
    content and recommendations
  • Analyze – Adoption and usage of apps, compliance reports, app
    inventory and performance
  • Engage – Sharing and liking apps, app rating, crowdsourcing and
    gamification features

“Because the EASE platform is modular, IT managers can easily apply the exact capabilities they require for their mobile environment. This approach surpasses the current capabilities of mobile device management, which are out of date and cannot effectively support today’s world of employee owned devices, and the maturing application lifecycle,” said Carlos Montero-Luque, Apperian’s Senior Vice President, Engineering. “EASE brings together all the components and services required to support the full mobile application lifecycle, all managed through the EASE Admin Portal. The simplicity and elegance of this architecture significantly improves the development, adoption and security of enterprise mobile apps and devices.”

Apperian, Inc. is a mobile application management company. The Apperian EASE platform delivers enterprise mobility services that enable many of the world’s largest corporations to securely deploy and manage mobile apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry. Apperian is empowering the liberated enterprise to support the BYOD revolution.