API Planet Driving the API Economy By @MedranoRoberto | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

My previous two years’ blogs on predictions were mostly about rapid growth in the API Economy. Increases of adoption of API use, proliferation of API-enabled data connectivity, financial growth tied to API development – these and more like them became the headlining trends that have brought the API Economy to where it is now. Those predictions turned out to become reality, and they explain, to a large degree, why APIs are one of the most important business and tech stories of the past five years. Here I list my 2015 predictions for the API Planet driving the API Economy.
APIs have a long legacy, but it’s fair to say that in 2015, they are accepted as the single most critical ingredient of running a digital business. APIs and the data they manage are already doing incredible things in almost every corner of the business world and, for innovative companies, they provide the key functionality for an entire digital business. In 2015, we’ll start to see APIs move from being an interesting innovation story to becoming the key driver of business strategies.

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