Akamai – Improving the User Experience with Innovation

Every day, technology is advancing and becoming more futuristic to meet the demands of the end users. Each company is seen vying with one another to improve their products and services and to be the first in the market to introduce their wares. Of course all are not successful, and only a few emerge as leaders; Akamai is seen as the foremost provider of ground-breaking cloud technology. The reason being is the company comes out with innovative technologies that meet with the users’ approval and needs on the button along with round the clock support for customers.

The foremost of the latest innovations we see is the improved security on their ground-breaking cloud platform with no compromise whatsoever on operation that the individual, firms and businesses are looking out for. The Akamai Intelligent Platform has become even more of a boon to users with its acquisition of FastTCP technology as proved by the increase in upgraded functioning which boosted to 105 % in China, 8% in Japan, 15% in North America and 22% in Europe. The Akamai customer can now enjoy faster downloads on anything on the internet from games to videos.

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