Additional Views on Support By @AndyJonak | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

This month I want to revisit supporting infrastructure and datacenter environments. I have touched (some would say rant) upon this topic since my post in April 2014 called “Take a Holistic View of Support”. My thoughts and views on this topic have not changed at all: it’s critical for any organization to have a holistic, comprehensive strategy and view of how they support their IT infrastructure and datacenter environments. In fact, I believe it’s even more critical today then it was a year ago when I wrote that blog post.
We work with many different organizations in many different types of industries and we see daily the needs and challenges for these organizations in being able to support their IT environments. Now let me know say this: supporting the IT environment might not carry the same prestige or is as “sexy” as implementing large new IT projects or IT initiatives such as implementing new systems or applications, but it’s just as critical or potentially even more so. As once those initiatives or projects are put in place, the supporting of these initiatives and projects on an ongoing basis is how they will be judged to be successful but the organizations. Many of us have been there or have been part of this: A successful IT project, but poor support going forward, and the project was not necessarily classified as a success because of that poor support. But that initial implementation went very well.

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