Zetta.net Hybrid Cloud Backup Outperforms Appliance-Based Solutions

Zetta.net has announced that a report by analyst firm Storage Strategies Now highlights Zetta.net’s second generation hybrid cloud backup solution, acknowledging that it outperforms, and eliminates the disadvantages of, appliance-based data protection systems. According to the report, appliance-based systems add extra hardware costs, present a single choke and failure point, and induce complications for distributed offices, particularly for managed service providers supporting hundreds of customers.
The report asserts that Zetta.net’s recent addition of Lean Local Copy makes “an excellent trade-off” against hardware appliances, and enables local backup and recovery without resorting to additional hardware boxes which add complexity and drag time to recovery. The interaction of Zetta.net software directly with its Smart Cloud “provides significant increases in the speed of offsite backups and disaster recovery,” with much less to manage – which can be particularly important in distributed environments and locations operated by a managed service provider.

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