ZeroStack launches first global partner program that benefits customers and partners

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/shylendrahoode)

Earlier in 2016, ZeroStack announced general availability of its ZeroStack Cloud Platform for the simple installation and operation of a scale-out private cloud. Now, in order to bolster adoption, the company has rolled out a global Partner Program to aid partner sales.

The ZeroStack Cloud Platform is based on OpenStack and a unique feature of the offering is that management and infrastructure functionality are on premises while operations and user workflows are in the cloud. The cloud model is made available through hyper-converged ZeroStack Cloud Building Blocks that combine compute, clustered storage, software-defined networking and management software in a control plane. The on-premises infrastructure is managed by ZeroStack Cloud Portal, which provides analytics-based insights and optimizations for application deployment.

Sean Cardenas, VP of Sales and Operations at ZeroStack, said: “Whether or not we really emphasize the OpenStack depends on who we are talking to. OpenStack is really attractive to the technology crowd looking for open solutions, but there are plenty of people who just want to see a solution that works and solves their problems, and there we don’t emphasize the OpenStack aspect of it.”

Cardenas adds: “More often than not, masking complexity for the end user has a heavy burden for the partners. ZeroStack is not this at all. We refer to it as Zero Touch. It’s extremely easy to deploy within 30 minutes, as we advertise. Partners don’t necessarily have OpenStack expertise either. They know its value proposition, but most don’t have OpenStack SMEs. With this, they can literally point in the IP addresses and generate a private cloud. That’s a phenomenal win for them.”

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