Wuala Cloud Storage Shut Down

Seagate and its LaCie subsidiary have announced the cancellation its Wuala cloud storage service. The closure is set to be complete November 15th. The company stated, “Seagate is discontinuing service of Wuala in order to focus attention on the key areas of business that we see the most opportunity for our growth and revenue. Our partnerships with established consumer and SMB cloud offerings continue to demonstrate strong value to our customers, leading us to the decision to discontinue development of our own service.”

After Novemeber 15th, all data will be deleted, so, the company has advised users to begin to download or transfer their content. It is recommended they use Tresorit, end-to-end encrypted cloud storage service and is offering both an easy transfer and discount upon subscription. Customers who paid upfront for the cloud service may receive a refund.


Dr Chenxi Wang, VP of cloud security and strategy at CipherCloud, has stated, “Wuala’s closure is emblematic of the commoditisation of cloud storage. We’re likely to see more closures and consolidations, which will mean more end users asking the same questions about their data and business continuity. These closures are highly disruptive for businesses. Customers are unexpectedly having to find another storage provider and face time pressures for moving their data out or face losing it. Aside from the business disruption, customers also have to worry about confidentiality for their data. What measures will Wuala take when they delete data? Will Wuala literally overwrite the bits on the disks, or will they simply delete the handle to the data?”

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