Will CliQr end fears of cloud vendor lock-in?

As the Google I/O conference gets underway in San Francisco, a Google-backed start-up has launched a cloud solution which aims to eradicate vendor lock-in.

Cloud management providers CliQr Technologies has launched CloudCenter, a product which “enables applications to get to and fluidly move between clouds with optimal price-performance and without migration disruption and expense”.

The product will have an official unveiling at the Google I/O conference, with both Google Ventures and Foundation Capital providing venture capital for the start-up.

CloudCenter consists of two key products; Orchestrator and Manager. Orchestrator is an enabling technology which allows software to move effortlessly across different cloud providers, while Manager is an optimisation software allowing users to manage every aspect of their cloud applications through an intuitive dashboard.

Gaurav Manglik, CliQr CEO, stated his belief that the promises of on-demand resources and elasticity that cloud computing offers may now start to be fully …