Why Use the Cloud?

When the cloud first came out, there were the usual skeptics. “Why would I need a virtual storage when I have my computer right here?” they would ask. Truth be told, if you can access your stored data by just opening a folder or plugging in a USB drive, why go through the toll of going online, logging in, and then downloading the files you want, which could take a while if your internet is subpar? That sounds like reason enough not to get one. However, there are plenty of positives worth considering as well, and these can outweigh the cons of slow internet speed by a long shot.

Lost Data
First and foremost, the biggest reason the cloud was made, was to help people store their data and recover it if something were to happen to their computer. Google was the first to get on board with this idea by not only having cloud backup like Carbonite, the original cloud backup service, but actually designing a laptop and an operating system made specifically to always keep in-sync with your own personal cloud. Anywhere you went, your files were available to you as long as you had access to a computer or mobile device and an internet connection.

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