Why the cloud is the perfect companion for startups

By Sharon Florentine

The cloud is the perfect companion for startups.

No, really.

There are as many reasons for startups to embrace cloud computing technology as there are for enterprises. As Janakiram Mocherla, cloud-technology consultant, evangelist and author outlines, there are ten main reasons why startups should consider going to the cloud.

10. Self service: For startups, the ability to provision and de-provision resources all by yourself, without relying on a third party, is very powerful.

Most cloud platforms include a dashboard or management console that you can use to acquire and launch resources as you need them. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a trusted cloud provider in your corner.

Rackspace has devoted an entire solution set to supporting startups, and knowing you can turn to their expertise can be very reassuring.

9. No CAPEX: Captial Expenditures (CAPEX) may be the biggest hurdle for budding entrepreneurs, especially …