Why SAP sees HANA as a driver for business disruption

Madan Sheina, Lead Analyst, Software – Information Management

SAP’s recent user event in Orlando, Florida, organized and co-hosted by WIS Pubs, drew 1,800 attendees, all keen to learn new developments surrounding SAP’s BI and HANA in-memory analytics offerings. The key theme revolved around HANA as a platform for driving business innovation through technology and process disruption – clearly, HANA continues to sit front and center in SAP’s product strategy.

SAP’s challenge is to accelerate adoption by encouraging, not forcing, undecided customers towards HANA without clear and safe migration paths, but it should remember that its IT buyers are relatively conservative and will consider new technology options and changes at their own pace, not SAP’s.

HANA both creates and solves business disruption

SAP continues to reinvent itself as an innovative software-maker. At this event it emphasized business innovation through technological disruption. SAP’s efforts to position HANA …