Why hybrid clouds will continue to rise to the top of the enterprise agenda

Laurent Lachal, Senior Analyst, Ovum Software

Cloud service providers and consumers approach hybrid clouds from a public as well as a private cloud perspective. The objective for both is to run workloads where it makes the most sense at a technology and/or business level.

While hybrid clouds’ center of gravity will shift toward public clouds, it will do so quite slowly as enterprises increasingly mix and match the variety of hybrid cloud options available on the market, from connective to blended and accretive hybrid cloud. For more details see the 2014 Trends to Watch: From Private to Hybrid Clouds report that details not only hybrid clouds but also private cloud trends.

From public versus private to public and private

On the one hand, public cloud vendors offer a variety of hybrid options to meet various requirements in areas such are security or performance. On the other, private clouds were …