Why don’t employees embrace enterprise mobility projects?

Workforce engagement with enterprise mobility solutions is critical if the projects are to deliver the efficiency and productivity intended, but new research suggests many companies are failing to consider the factors that affect employee buy-in when implementing these systems.

Research firm Vanson Bourne discovered and alarming trend when it polled 1000 IT and business decision makers on their mobilisation strategies. It found that while 42% of businesses claimed to be actively developing a mobile app for employees, only a quarter believed that their mobile systems had been embraced by the majority of employees.

Additionally, and despite firms over 500 employees planning to spend an average of £390,000 on mobility software in the next 12-18 months, 41% of respondents reported that take up of such schemes had been limited to less than a quarter of the workforce.

Ken Parmelee, senior director of product management at Antenna Software, one of the …