Why did Akamai shift its focus to cybersecurity?

When you hear the word Akamai, the first thing that comes to your mind is its web traffic management system. Well, if you’re not familiar, Akamai is known for managing web traffic at busy sites, so the latency rates are low.

But today, Akamai is into a completely different line of business – cybersecurity. Why?

Companies like Apple and AWS began to have their own in-house solutions to handle traffic management, so they no longer needed the services of Akamai. In fact, this move made it difficult for Akamai to sustain its operations. So, it decided to give a shot at cybersecurity.

And that was probably the best decision by its management because it entered the market when cybersecurity was just beginning to grow. Also, there was a big need to fill the security gaps in the digital world, considering the many hacking incidents that were happening a few years ago. Specifically, the hacking of Target’s systems brought to the fore the immediate need to have sound cybersecurity solutions.

Due to these factrs, Akamai began to extensively grow in this business. Since it began operations, it has grown 27 percent year-on-year and today, it is making about $121 million in revenue each year. Undoubtedly, this is the strongest growing segment of Akamai’s business and one that is all set to grow even more in the coming years.

Akamai has created the right kind of products that will spruce the cybersecurity of companies today. For example, the Equifax breach exposed the records of more than 143 million Americans. A product called Kona Site Defender from Akamai is designed to prevent exactly such incidents from happening.

Also, this company is constantly working to improve its cybersecurity line of products, so it can stay one step ahead of hackers. So far, it’s been helping companies to protect their confidential data and through it all, has helped Akamai find its space again in an evolving tech world.

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